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Y11 Francis has thanked Ms Povey and Ms Jones for helping him win a place at the National Youth Theatre


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Student Council

The role of the Hampton High student council is to serve, listen to and represent the views of all students from diverse backgrounds and communities. The council are keen to make significant contributions to improve the overall achievement of students and ensure they have a rich, varied and enjoyable experience; they are given the opportunity to express themselves, formulate arguments, represent the views of others and feedback to their peers.


Members of the student council discussed and agreed on the values which reflect their vision:

  • We are loyal
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are helpful
  • We are constructive
  • We are determined
  • We are friendly
  • We are supportive
  • We are here together
  • We are listening

How are the meetings organised?

Student council meetings take place every week. Form tutors are asked to discuss and debate key topics, including changes to uniform, the facilities and their learning and teaching, which are brought to the attention of student council representatives, via year group meetings. Each year council meeting is led by two student council members, with the Head of Year acting as a facilitator, to share the views which were raised from the discussion. The key issues are debated in whole school council meetings before students share their views with members of SLT and the governing body.

In addition, each member of the student council has been given a role of responsibility, ranging from Charity and Community Ambassadors and Anti-bullying Ambassadors to Learning and Engagement Leaders. Each of these teams is assigned a member of SLT whose keys responsibilities for school improvement are linked. They are able to work with the teams on a termly basis through projects to provide changes.

Who’s on the team?

The following students are elected to represent the voice of all students in their school:

Number Year Name Role Link Staff
1 7 Lilliana Cassiano Anti-bullying and Wellbeing Ambassador RTA
2 7 Yasmin Ali Charity and Community Ambassador CRE
3 7 Melissa Panesar Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
4 7 Kyle O’Connor Brown Peer Mentor and Student Welfare Leader RTA
5 7 Philomena Murray Facilities and Grounds Specialist JKN
6 7 Stanley Curd Facilities and Grounds Specialist JKN
7 7 Millie Owens Enrichment and Trips Coordinator RTA
8 7 Emily Dixon Anti-bullying and Wellbeing Ambassador RTA
9 7 Jenny Ashton Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
10 7 Annabel Miscampbell Anti-bullying and Wellbeing Ambassador RTA
11 7 Kiera Kambo Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
12 8 Kieran Moses Facilities and Grounds Specialist JKN
13 8 Maria Isobel Mapes Anti-bullying and Wellbeing Ambassador RTA
14 8 Jonny Brook Peer Mentor and Student Welfare Leader RTA
15 8 Adelina Kucinskaite Enrichment and Trips Coordinator RTA
16 8 Pooja Singh Peer Mentor and Student Welfare Leader RTA
17 8 Oliver Nevile Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
18 9 Reea Soz Facilities and Grounds Specialist JKN
19 9 Tom Park Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
20 9 Abi Fisher Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
21 9 Qiyaam Bana Anti-bullying and Wellbeing Ambassador RTA
22 9 Klea Vlladi Enrichment and Trips Coordinator RTA
23 9 Eleanor Bidgood Charity and Community Ambassador CRE
24 10 Megan Robinson Charity and Community Ambassador CRE
25 10 Seneve Shemisi Peer Mentor and Student Welfare Leader RTA
26 11 Amelia Oprean Facilities and Grounds Specialist JKN
27 11 Kudzaishe Bure Enrichment and Trips Coordinator RTA
28 13 Alyssa Wilkinson Charity and Community Ambassador CRE
29 13 Dahlia Jusu Peer Mentor and Student Welfare Leader RTA
30 13 Fayaz Tarin Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
31 13 Imogen Hambi Charity and Community Ambassador CRE
32 13 Liatt Robinson Learning and Engagement Leader KPA
33 13 Mohammed Deria Head Boy MHU
34 13 Sophie Faggetter Head Girl MHU
35 13 Rachel Kadkol Anti-bullying and Wellbeing Ambassador JKN

Student council team year8 and9Student council team year10and13Student council team yearhead

What are their roles and responsibilities?

Each of the students is given guidance on their areas of responsibility listed below:

Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Link Teacher: Ms Taylor

  • create a student vision for the anti-bullying policy
  • listen to and offer support and guidance for peers via a quiet room
  • campaign to prevent bullying
  • contact and work with anti-bullying charities
  • facilitate online chat rooms
  • beat bullying mentors
  • lead anti-bullying assemblies, campaigns and workshops


Charity and Community Ambassadors

Link Teacher: Ms Regis

  • link with local primary schools
  • raise awareness and money for three chosen charities
  • work with Friends of Hampton High
  • volunteer in the local community
  • survey the views of students
  • organise community days
  • raise awareness about charity appeals through assemblies
  • link with trust schools


Facilities and Grounds Specialists

Link Teacher: Ms Knott

  • review facilities and provision
  • inspect the school grounds and facilities
  • meet key members of staff, including canteen, caretakers and cleaners
  • share ideas for outdoor seating and spaces
  • change classroom environments
  • evaluate bids from external companies


Learning and Engagement Leaders

Link Teacher: Ms Pacey

  • interview new staff
  • review lesson activities with Heads of Faculties
  • conduct student tour guides
  • assist with book scrutinies
  • survey views of students
  • observe lessons
  • review curriculum and lessons with Head of Faculties


Peer Mentor and Student Welfare Leaders

Link Teacher: Ms Byrnell

  • volunteer in the library
  • work with peers to improve learning, e.g. one-to-one reading
  • visit lessons and support peers in the classroom
  • offer support and guidance to peers
  • support revision and intervention sessions
  • celebrate achievements e.g. Jack Petchey awards
  • support transition days e.g. mastery classes
  • deliver assemblies on strategies for stress relief


Trips and Enrichment Coordinators

Link Teacher: FOHH

  • help run extra-curricular activities
  • arrange educational, rewards and aspirational trips e.g. to universities
  • participate and support external visitor workshops
  • design posters and events
  • support clubs and activities
  • survey trip choicessupport local community


Student Leadership

We believe in the importance of giving students opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. Our ambition is to develop a range of personal, emotional and social skills so our students are able to thrive as members of the community and succeed in the workplace.

Opportunities for leadership start in Year 7 and continue throughout the school. Students are asked to lead group work, to feedback on behalf of a group, and to direct small projects, as well as having an opportunity to represent their year on the student council.

As students’ progress through school, they will have the opportunity to:

  • coach others, including primary school children
  • represent school as match officials, in a range of sport and fitness activities
  • become prefects and Head Boy or Head Girl
  • sit on interview panels for new staff
  • leadership programmes and training
  • leading year group and younger students

Such leadership opportunities provide students with the chance to develop decision making skills, to understand the nature of commitment and responsibility, and to nurture in them heightened self-esteem, arising from earning the respect of their peers and staff.

Hampton High Student Council

SLT Student Council Lead - Miss Taylor

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