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Final tickets for High School Musical will be on sale tomorrow lunchtime. There are about 30 left for Wednesday and Thursday.


More from our student reward trip to the Rotunda


The next group has their turn


Our first group of students


Students are about to showcase some of their work. Stay tuned for more....


Selected pupils are working with students from other schools at dram workshops today as part of the…


Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils were rewarded for good behaviour and attendance with an afternoon of bowling


Lady Eleanor Holles are holding an evening with author Janey Downshire tonight titled Teenagers Translated. HH fami…


Read about a very positive report about the school from page 3 in this week.


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Progress Review Day

9th March 2017

On Thursday 9th March we will be holding our annual Progress Review Day. This is an opportunity for you and your child to meet with your child’s tutor to look at their most recent assessment, attendance and behaviour data to create targets for the school year ahead. Appointments will typically last 10 minutes.

Tutors will be allocating a meeting time for you. Your appointment time will be sent to you in a letter soon after half-term. Please let your child know the times you are most likely to be available on Thursday 9th March. Tutors will then use this information to allocate times that are convenient wherever possible.

Your child will only be in school on Thursday 9th March for their appointment. We look forward to meeting you in school.