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getting some practice on for the slopes


Taking on the climbing wall


At the seaside ahead of a visit to


Students took part in a range of activities during a trip to Calshot Activities Centre on the south coast.


Our students on their practice expedition to Box Hill.


Our Y7 football team remain unbeaten after a 2-1 victory over Teddington School. They have now secured a place in the final.


Our year 8s attended a careers carousel. Read more here


Read about our year 7 football team’s away win against Teddington


Another victory for our year 7 boys football team. Read more here


Read about our Science Week


Third place posters Change Year 7: Brooke Kennedy. Winning posters will be put forward for the national competition.


Best posters on Change in Year 7: Molly Faithful, Hannah Greaves and Milly Dixon


tutor quiz winners were 9JB who gained full marks. Runners up are 7PM and 7MH.


As part of a national demo day for , students were shown how to dissect a rat and create flaming methane bubbles.


Students thought about how they can engender positive Change (seasons, climate, materials and energy) for


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Year 8 Careers Fair

22nd March 2017

As part of this terms PSHCE work the students in Year 8 will be involved in an aspirational careers event.  This will be taking place on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 during their afternoon lessons.  The aim of the event is to raise the aspirations of all students in Year 8 by encouraging them to develop ideas about their future career pathways.

During the event the students will be given the opportunity to meet with various presenters who are employed in all the major sectors of employment.  Each presenter will share with the students the skills and qualities that are required in their area of employment.  They will also share with the students’ details of the educational pathways that are important if considering work in their sector of employment.