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Gracie got a Triple distinction in health and will study uni midwifery at university.


Milan scored Double distinction in IT and B in business studies. He is taking a year to travel


Fayaz achieved D* DD in IT and is off to study computer forensics and security at uni in September


Dining like a king at


We are holding a summer fair on Saturday September 23rd from 2pm - 5pm to celebrate our one year anniversary as Hampton High. All welcome


Ice creams at Hampton Court


Hampton Court

Posted on: 07/03/2017

Hampton High student Abi Fisher is running for candidate in the UK Youth Parliament and Richmond Borough Youth Council

Abi Fisher has put herself forward to be a candidate for the UK Youth Parliament and Richmond Borough Youth Council. She has shown great commitment by attending all of the events, putting together a campaign video and is now visiting all year group assemblies to share why she is running.

During form time, students will be shown different videos of the candidates from across the Richmond borough, along with their manifestos. Students will be asked to vote over the next few weeks.


Written by Miss Taylor

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