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Posted on: 18/05/2017

Year 10 PGL trip to Paris

Paris in the Spring was not the idyllic weather we had hoped but it did not dampen our enthusiasm or our spirits! We arrived at 6pm local time to a picturesque chateau just east of the city. We were taken on a tour of the expansive and very pretty grounds by our PGL guide Helen and checked into our homes for the weekend.  

Bright and early Saturday morning Year 10 ate a hearty croissant, met with Helen, made baguettes for packed lunch and climbed aboard the coach for our trip into the city of lights. First stop the Eiffel Tower! Year 10 students had the  opportunity to climb the 674 steps to the second floor where the views, although slightly soggy were spectacular. Next stop was a bateau on the Seine to drink in the sights of the first and fourth arrondissement and wave "bonjour" to the gothic architecture of Notre Dame cathedral. The Year 10s were desperate to practice their french and impress their MFL teachers so we took a trip to Basilica of Sacre-Coeur and Montmartre where frites and chocolat chaud were consumed.

Sunday found us lining up to meet Mickey Mouse and friends at EuroDisney! Even the most cynical and "cool" teenagers couldn't hide their delight and excitement once passing through the gates onto "Main Street USA" and up to Sleeping Beauty's castle. After a full day of rides, food and meeting Disney "friends" an exhausted group of students were met back at the chateau by a french themed dining experience. The more adventurous palates tried the snails and pate while those who were less enthusiastic settled for a more familiar fare.

Monday morning we bid adieu to Helen and the team and stopped off at the very large Carrefour to make some final purchases. The journey home was swift and thankfully uneventful.

The students were a delight to spend a weekend away with and memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Photographs were taken by Luke Mould.

Written by Mrs Martin

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