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Posted on: 18/05/2017

Science Club's anti-litter campaign was selected by the Marine Conservation Society as the winning entry!

During the spring term members of the school Science club took part in the Cool Seas Investigators: Litter Challenge Project organised by the Marine Conservation Society. The aim of the project was for students to tackle the problem of litter, whilst exploring the wider issue of where our rubbish ultimately ends up, in the seas surrounding our island nation.

Students from the Year 7 and 8 Science club took part in a litter survey, identifying where the problems are in our local community and school environment. From their analysis, it was concluded that our main problem at school is disposal of plastic bottles and food packaging and waste. The Science club immediately started to suggest ways for us to tackle this problem and developed these ideas to devise an anti-litter campaign. The campaign design was tailored for our students and included an assembly, posters advertising the need for disposing rubbish in the right way, and incentives for students who 'do the right thing'.

In a fantastic turn of events our student's campaign design was selected by the Marine Conservation Society as the winning entry from all entrant secondary schools across the country, and was also specially chosen to be up-scaled and promoted in other schools. With the MCS stating they believed it 'would have maximum impact and could be easily replicated'. Our Science club students have not only achieved success in getting their ideas shared across other schools in the country but have also won £250 from the MCS to spend on green projects within the school.

When working alongside the students whilst supervising this project I was impressed with their problem-solving, collaboration, cooperation and respect for other people's ideas. It was also uplifting to see such passion going into their project work as there were definitely some surprises when carrying out the initial litter survey! Huge congratulations and special thanks go to Lilliana Cassiano, Akram Sami, Iqbal Sami, Ibrahim Miah, and Tyler Woolford for their dedication to the project.

Written by Miss Brodie

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