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getting some practice on for the slopes


Taking on the climbing wall


At the seaside ahead of a visit to


Students took part in a range of activities during a trip to Calshot Activities Centre on the south coast.


Our students on their practice expedition to Box Hill.


Our Y7 football team remain unbeaten after a 2-1 victory over Teddington School. They have now secured a place in the final.


Our year 8s attended a careers carousel. Read more here


Read about our year 7 football team’s away win against Teddington


Another victory for our year 7 boys football team. Read more here


Read about our Science Week


Third place posters Change Year 7: Brooke Kennedy. Winning posters will be put forward for the national competition.


Best posters on Change in Year 7: Molly Faithful, Hannah Greaves and Milly Dixon


tutor quiz winners were 9JB who gained full marks. Runners up are 7PM and 7MH.


As part of a national demo day for , students were shown how to dissect a rat and create flaming methane bubbles.


Students thought about how they can engender positive Change (seasons, climate, materials and energy) for

Welcome from the Headteacher

Hampton  005It is with great pleasure I welcome you to Hampton High. We are an ambitious school that ensures every student aspires to achieve their full potential and develop the resilience and confidence to be successful in life.

Our success lies in our close and caring community and in the excellent relationships between staff and students. Inspiring teaching is at the heart of our school and our committed team of highly qualified teachers ensure students are challenged daily in their lessons, enjoy learning and strive to achieve their best.

Our extra-curricular opportunities further develop our boys and girls into well-rounded individuals confident and excited about their future.

Collaboration is a key value. Partnership with parents and carers is central to our ethos and we encourage as full an involvement as possible in school life. We are also delighted to be partnered with a new family of local schools Teddington School, Twickenham Academy and Waldegrave School. Together our schools are stronger. Our commitment to collaboration extends to our close relationship with our feeder primary school and by building relationships with our local Year 6 pupils we can help make the transition into secondary life as smooth as possible.

Our vibrant sixth-form is housed separately in a fully refurbished block with access to an extensive library. Here students play a full and active role in school life, including working with younger students as mentors, teaching and learning leaders and role models.

We are proud to be a school that serves the community and reflects the diversity it brings.

We hope you too will be inspired and we warmly encourage you to visit during the school’s working hours and meet our wonderful students and their teachers.

I look forward to meeting you then.

Mair Hughes